“You will love”…

“You will love, freely and without abandon – you will love freely for I will freely love you – I will freely love you and you will freely love My Church as I have told you – and yet you will love no one like you love Me – I will be your first love – no one else – no one else will have that title – I will be your first love”…

“No one else will compare to Me in your life – this is idolatry Andrew when someone else compares to Me in your life – no one else will compare to Me – they will all fall ‘beneath’ Me – I am the One who you love – no other – no other – no other like Me – I am the One whom you love and all other ‘loves’ will come beneath Me – they are ‘nothing’ to you – as My word says you need to hate them in comparison to your love for Me – they are fickle and they are friable – they are not to be trusted – but I am – all will forsake you Andrew – all at some point in their lives will forsake you – they cannot run with you – but you will not be forsaken by Me – I alone am the One running with you – running with you ‘all the way’ as you have said – and I will never let you down – never – I promise you this – those who put their trust in Me are never forsaken and I will not – ever – forsake you – for you have won My Heart and My Heart is yours forever”, declares the Lord who has mercy upon you and who chose you from birth to know Me – declares the Lord…

About andrew james horton

Hi, my name is Andrew James Horton... I am a Kiwi (New Zealander), born in Christchurch (05 September 1971), now in my early fifties... I am blessed to be married with five children and six grandchildren... :-) I am at present a Principal Structural Engineer, Director living in Christchurch, New Zealand... I am passionate about prophetic intercession and about revival both in New Zealand and throughout the world... I am passionate to pray that the Church, the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ, will be all that He - the Lord Jesus Christ - desires her to be in our generation... Back in early September 2010 I felt that the Lord gave me the name of this blog site, "a house of prayer for the nations - prophetic intercession for worldwide revival" and wanted me to "put it out there" and start recording the prayers which were on my heart to pray in the hope that others would also be encouraged to share the prayers which were on their hearts to pray and that in the unity of the Spirit we could participate together in this activity in different locations around the world as He led us... If the Lord leads you, let's join together in prayer for the Lord's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven in our generation... Love to All, Andrew
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2 Responses to “You will love”…

  1. I surrender to this word Lord, it is causing me a lot of pain to think that I’m just a slave who does what You say, I just love when You tell me to but I surrender to this and I see as I type that the ones who You put Your Love in my heart for they will be the ones who I love and I will see Your Love expressed through me and so my joy will be found in that whether or not they receive my – or Your – love expressed through me – I surrender – this means that there’s no vested interest in me in their response – whether they respond positively or not, i.e. receive me – the messenger, I accept this – give me Your pain, the pain of Your rejection which You feel when those who don’t receive You reject You – let me feel Your pain and enable me to love – to continue to love – whatever the response is from anyone whom You call me to love – this is my fear – being rejected by those whom You call me to minister to – I admit this and admit this fear of rejection – cover me with Your Grace as I surrender to You – this is scary for me – to trust You in this way – I surrender to love anyone who You tell me to – Love You, Andrew

  2. Amen.What a wonderful word!

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