Freedom of Expression of Opinion…

I am going to express some opinions in this post. Smiling. Things that I presently believe to be true. In expressing them I’m putting them out there so that anyone who is genuinely interested can see what I’m believing. How I’m tracking. I’m also hoping that some who are genuinely interested will share their opinions on the same or other related topics so that I can genuinely consider their opinions also. Smiling. Love to all.

In so doing, expressing these opinions, I am fully aware that anyone who chooses to read them has absolute freedom to make of them whatsoever they will. Absolute freedom. I’m not asking anyone to agree with me. I won’t be offended if no one agrees with me.

Possible responses?

a) To not want to read them at all or to engage with this post at all or to ‘go there’ in even finding out what these opinions may be.

b) To outrightly, instinctively, without any further consideration other than the initial reading of them, reject and/or accept part or all of them.

c) To intuitively, rationally, consider them, mull them over, complete their own critical thinking/investigation of/into them, and then reject and/or accept part or all of them.


(I) I believe that President Donald J. Trump won the US Presidential Election on 3rd November 2020.

(II) I believe there was foreign and domestic interference in the US Presidential Election which eventually tipped the result against President Donald J. Trump after voting closed on the evening of 3rd November 2020.

(III) I believe that the Republican Party was robbed from winning both the House and the Senate because of voter fraud, both foreign and domestic, in the US Presidential Election of 2020.

(IV) I believe that the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) belief system/manifesto/vision is unethical and immoral.

(V) I believe that the World Heath Organisation’s (WHO’s) belief system/manifesto/vision is unethical and immoral.

(VI) I believe that coerced/forced/mandatory vaccination – for whatever reason – is unethical and immoral.

(VII) I believe that the companies making vaccines for coerced/forced/mandatory vaccination and the governments providing them – both knowing that there is no recourse in the event of death/injury/permanent disability/sickness resulting from the use of these vaccines, i.e. no liability (either legally or economically) on either the companies making these vaccines or the governments providing them – are unethical and immoral.

(VIII) I believe that no unethical and immoral – by my definition above – companies and governments (including all under their direct control, on their payroll and who provide functionality to their organisations) have any legitimate authority over We the People (meaning the rest of humanity worldwide).

(VIV) I believe that it is unethical and immoral for We the People to support any such unethical and immoral companies and governments whether directly or indirectly. An example of indirect support would be via any portion of our tax contributions which enable these unethical and immoral companies and governments to fund their unethical and immoral policies – policies to which We the People have not agreed or consented to.

(X) I believe that We the People have the right to peaceably and non-violently protest such unethical and immoral behaviour from these unethical and immoral companies and governments, including the discontinuation of tax contributions to them if it is within our power to do so.

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About andrew james horton

Hi, my name is Andrew James Horton... I am a Kiwi (New Zealander), born in Christchurch (05 September 1971), now in my early fifties... I am blessed to be married with five children and six grandchildren... :-) I am at present a Principal Structural Engineer, Director living in Christchurch, New Zealand... I am passionate about prophetic intercession and about revival both in New Zealand and throughout the world... I am passionate to pray that the Church, the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ, will be all that He - the Lord Jesus Christ - desires her to be in our generation... Back in early September 2010 I felt that the Lord gave me the name of this blog site, "a house of prayer for the nations - prophetic intercession for worldwide revival" and wanted me to "put it out there" and start recording the prayers which were on my heart to pray in the hope that others would also be encouraged to share the prayers which were on their hearts to pray and that in the unity of the Spirit we could participate together in this activity in different locations around the world as He led us... If the Lord leads you, let's join together in prayer for the Lord's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven in our generation... Love to All, Andrew
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